A Sound Memoir: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

“The empty vessel makes the loudest sound,” William Shakespeare


For my sound memoir, I will be creating an auditory skit, similar to the one that was shown in class, that is centered around what a late-start morning was like for me last week. It will contain three original poems (“Early Riser,” “Does This Fit Into A Meal?,” and “The Readings Are Short”) giving context to the background sounds that I will supply. I will also include bits of scripted narration, and actual recordings of conversation to better paint a sonic picture for the listeners. With this audio, I will chronicle the (mis)adventures of one of my Wednesday mornings.


My methods for accomplishing this project are simple: I will be recording the background/ scenery noises with my phone, and then transferring those sounds to my laptop, and editing them in GarageBand. All of the poetry is being directly recorded through the editing software, as well as much of the narration.


2/26: Further organize already collected clips of sounds into a continuous narrative.

2/27: Edit poems, and insert them into the audio at the appropriate places.

2/28: Re-record classroom sounds, and insert them into the track. Have a comprehensive story coming along.

3/01: Finish 3-5 page summary of project, and hopefully be done with everything so that I can focus on the next project.


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